Ending Pollution

Pollution is transcendental, and it is evident in the plethora of diseases, and the deaths that are associated with those diseases. Many businesses operations are predicated on fossil fuels, the burning of these gases proliferate carbon in the atmosphere, which causes warming of the planet. A significant number of industrial complexes are located within the close proximity of residential areas. Similarly, there is a rise in lung cancer, throat cancer and tumors, which is medically linked to air pollution. Envirodefenders, are the custodian of the environment, and have started the process of challenging these manufacturers, because there is the circumvention of the environmental rule of law.

Promoting Environmental Justice

Environmental justice is a right for all global citizens. Firstly, intergenerational equity is giving a right of enjoyment to future generations. There are principles of international environmental law, that is lacking within the Caribbean region. One such principle is the polluter must pay principles, when there is transboundary Harm. That is to say, that polluters whether an individual, organization or country are responsible for the harm or pollution that is caused under their watchful eyes. Reference is therefore made to the Trail Smelter case, where the United States of America challenged Canada, a tragedy caused by their smelter plants. The honorable court held, that a no harm principle.

Defending Wildlife

Our destruction of nature is hurting our own survival, on average, one new infectious disease emerges in humans every four months. Seventy-five percent of these infectious diseases comes from animals. The preservation of natural habitats will minimize infectious diseases. Trees play a critical role in sequestering greenhouse gases, through a process called biological carbon sequestration (BCS). This process is important in storing greenhouses gases in tree trunks and within the soil. At present extinction of many local species is taking place at an alarming rate. Restoring and preserving wildlife is an asset in the development of a healthy economy and by extension a healthy country.

Climate Change

Climate change is the long-term alteration of temperature and typical weather patterns, in a place, it could refer to particular place, or the planet as a whole.


Climate change refers to the changes in weather patterns, over the years, decades or centuries, in a particular region or globally.


Climate change is the global phenomenon of climate transformation characterized by the changes in the usual climate of the planet, regarding temperature, precipitation and that are caused by human activities.

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